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Christopher and Alysia Mayerl

Christopher and Alysia Mayerl were the kind of couple every photographer wishes to have. They were fun, kind and easy to work with. Not only were they coachable and flexible to the pictures I thought would work really well for them and their special day. They also brought their own twist and creativity to every shot.

Their dog Emris, was so charming and well behaved. His tux was custom made and If you look closely you can see the rings under his adorable bow tie and a GoPro attached to his back that captured their wonderful day.

Stone Tower Estate Wedding Venue was so beautiful and had so many unique places to photograph the couple and their loved ones. The host was amazing and accommodating.

For my first wedding as a professional photographer, I couldn't have asked for a better couple.

My name is Samuel Gonzales. I am Montana photographer located in Butte, MT. We are Looking forward to working with more brilliant, creative and fun couples to capture their wedding pictures. If that is you, we would love to capture your special day. Let's talk.

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